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Tranquille Therapy Feelings and Emotions Flash Cards

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Looking for a new way to teach a child about emotions? Don’t leave home without your pack of Tranquille Therapy Feelings & Emotions flash cards!
The goal is to help children understand both positive and difficult emotions, so they know how to cope with challenging moments as they grow older. Whether you’re a parent, teacher or caregiver, these colourful cards are a must!

  • INCLUDES MULTI-CULTURAL CHARACTERS: This 56-pack of cards was designed to keep kids engaged!
  • TWO SETS FOR EASY LEARNING: The first set teaches children what emotions they feel and the second suggests 3 different ways to cope with that emotion.
  • PERFECT TOOL FOR PARENTS, TEACHERS & CARERS: Tranquille Therapy Feelings & Emotions Flash Cards allow parents, teachers and carers to help children learn about different emotions, as well as develop coping skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.